ECHO Spinning Disk Confocal

High Resolution Confocal Imaging Made Easy

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See More Detail in Your Sample

ECHO Confocal blocks out-of-focus light, providing higher-resolution images over a traditional widefield microscope. Confocal brings clarity to the smallest of samples as well as the ability to image thicker samples. The system also reduces photobleaching, suiting live cell applications.


Confocal Imaging Redefined

The ECHO Confocal embraces a smaller footprint, intuitive software, and an easy-on-the-eye design with fewer cords, redefining the traditional, painfully complicated, confocal experience.

Spinning Disk Confocal vs Laser Scanning Confocal

We chose to develop a Spinning Disk Confocal for these advantages:

  • Speed: Capture the full field of view instantly compared to a laser scanning system which has to scan one point at a time. An advantage for tiling and z-stacking.
  • Phototoxicity: Spinning Disk is more gentle on your samples, reducing bleaching and cellular damage to your cells, helping the user prolong their experiments.
  • Affordable: With a simplified design, we’ve made a confocal that is more affordable than other systems in its class.

Paired with Revolution

The ECHO Confocal is paired with the Revolution Microscope, the most advanced in our portfolio. This enables the user to perform multiple confocal automated applications such as timelapse, multi-point, mosaic, multi-channel, and z-stack.

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Confocal Live Samples with ECHO Incubator

The ECHO incubator enables you to conduct live-cell experiments such as timelapse. Our incubator is completely fanless, using convection to heat and circulate warm air. This eliminates vibration and prevents outside dust from reaching your samples and optics.

The see-through construction and large front door gives users a clear view and easy access to samples. A lightweight, single piece design makes installation and removal very quick and easy.

Fanless Convection Heating
Easy Access to Samples
Compact One-Piece Design

Automated Capabilities for Multiple Confocal Applications

Confocal microscopy paired with the most in-demand automated microscopy techniques such as z-stack, stitching, time-lapse, and more with our intuitive software.

Take a Test Drive
Live Cell Imaging

View and capture live samples with automated time-lapse microscopy.


Capture and overlay multiple wavelengths in Fluorescence.


Set multiple acquisition points to view and revisit over time.

Image Stitching

Capture and stitch to form large FOV high resolution images.


Block out-of-focus light. Spinning-Disk Confocal.

Z - Stack

Acquire and stack images at multiple focal planes.

Ease of Use

Intuitive UI reduces learning curve and improves workflow.

Auto Focus

Automatically find and track best Z-plane(s) for focus.

Customers Include

ECHO Confocal Specifications

QE 95% Ultra Sensitive Back Illuminated sCMOS
Laser Lines 405 - 488 - 555 - 640
Cameras BF: 5MP CMOS Color (2448 x 2048 : 3.45um) FL : 4.2MP sCMOS Mono (2048 x 2048 : 6.5um)
Objectives Olympus 1.25x-100x Fluorite, Apochromat
Condensers ELWD (73mm WD | 0.3 N.A.) LWD (27mm WD | 0.55 N.A.)

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