Meet Rebel

Quick, Reliable, High Quality Images, at your fingertips

Two Microscopes in One

71% of today’s research labs use both Upright and Inverted Microscopes. Rebel easily converts between either configuration, so you’ll no longer need to have two separate systems.

Configure your hybrid microscope to view both fixed slides and live samples in Brightfield and/or Phase Contrast.

Upgrade your eyepieces to an iPad

View and capture your samples in seconds. Our touch-based app eliminates learning curve, making your microscopy faster and easier than ever.

Build & Price

Retina Display

Rebel uses iPad with Retina display providing you with brilliant, ultra-high resolution images.


LED-backlit Multi-Touch with Truetone technology

264 ppi

2732x2048 pixel resolution 264 pixels per inch

600 nits

Ultralow Reflectivity

Rebel Comes Pre-Aligned

Microscopes can come with an overwhelming amount of controls that can compromise image quality and repeatability.

We’ve removed excess knobs, levers, and power supplies so that you can finally image worry free.

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Safety Assurance

Rebel improves safety by removing eyepieces and limiting contact points. With the ergonomic Biosafety Cabinet option by Labconco, your lab will appreciate working comfortably in a clean, safe environment.

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Class II

Type A2 BSC


Sterile work area


Motor Technology