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Four Microscopes in One

Revolve is the world’s first and only hybrid microscope, combining four microscopes into one. This significantly reduces equipment costs while freeing up valuable laboratory space.


Ideal for glass slides


For live samples in dishes, wells, and flasks

Transmitted Light

Brightfield, Darkfield, Phase Contrast, Pol


Automated LED Illumination
One touch image overlay

For the first time, you no longer have to choose between one system or the other, and your lab members can quickly configure their microscope to suit their specific needs.

Imaging Made Simple

Research microscopes are intimidating and difficult to use. Yours doesn’t have to be.

With Revolve, your lab will take better images - of just about everything

Modern Touch Interface
Simple Powerful Controls
Compact and Versatile

Modern Touch Interface

Revolve is incredibly easy to use. You’ll feel and appreciate the difference of using our familiar app interface with touch controls.

No longer are years of training and experience required to drive your microscope. The Revolve eliminates learning curve and variability, allowing you to view and capture publication quality images.

Simple Powerful Controls

Touchscreen functions drive cameras and illumination, replacing manual turrets and levers.

Capture and visualize overlays in seconds with Motorized LED Fluorescence.

Compact and Versatile

Revolve combines 4 microscopes in 1. This allows your lab to address a variety of imaging needs, now and in the future.

Its compact design saves space and fits on your benchtop. And with no darkroom requirement, Revolve can easily be moved to conference rooms and teaching labs.

Compact Footprint

Fits on standard lab workbench

No Darkroom Required

For Brightfield and Fluorescence


Easy to move and set up

High Performance Quality Optics for beautiful, crystal clear images

Observe your samples with unparalled clarity with Revolve’s world class optical components, viewed on an Ultra High-Resolution display.

iPad Pro

Liquid Retina Display

High Performance Objective Lenses

Sputter Coated Optical Filters

Digital Haze Reduction

Widefield Fluorescence Images can encounter haze artifacts produced by out of focus light. ECHO’s proprietary Digital Haze Reduction (DHR) software module reveals fine details by surpressing noise and reducing blur to provide stunning, crystal clear images.

Sharper Enhanced Contrast for thicker samples
GPU is leveraged for real time processing
Flexible, easy to use settings

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Revolve Specifications

Objectives Olympus® 1.25x-100x Achromat, Fluorite, Apochromat Mounts on an Intelligent Nosepiece
Condensers ELWD (73mm WD | 0.3 N.A.) High-Resolution (7mm WD | 1.35 N.A.)
Motorized Fluorescence 5 Channel - Mercury Free LED Illumination with 50,000 hour lifespan
Dual Cameras BF: 12MP CMOS Color FL : 5MP sCMOS Mono
Display 12.9" Liquid Retina® Touch Display
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