A BlueNalu x ECHO Story


Sustainable Seafood From Cells

BlueNalu is pioneering the development of cell-cultured seafood to support the increasing demand for seafood. Cell-culturing uses fish cell CLD to produce seafood products that will taste, look, feel and cook the same as wild-caught or farm-raised seafood.

Dr. Courtney Benson, Associate Director of R&D at BlueNalu, focuses on the early research and development phase of the process to identify the most viable cells for proliferation. Dr. Benson uses our Revolve and Rebel microscopes, to streamline the imaging process.

The BlueNalu Process

Step One

Source High Quality Cells

Step Two

Feed the Cells

Step Three

Produce Seafood from the Cells

Step Four

Prepare the Seafood for the Customer

The Impact of ECHO Microscopes

“I used to spend hours imaging on a regular scope. With Revolve I can get a plate imaged in 20 minutes versus a couple of hours on a traditional microscope.

The ECHO microscopes take the most amazing pictures, so I get to actually figure out whether these antibodies are working.”

— Dr. Courtney Benson

A Better Future for the Deep Blue Ocean

With the help of ECHO’s cutting-edge and versatile technology, BlueNalu is taking steps to improve the health of our ocean.


An Advanced Research-Level Fluorescence Microscope


A Workhorse Microscope for Brightfield/Tissue Culture