Introducing Cellcyte Gen 2

Live Cell Imaging and Analysis Inside Your Incubator

Bringing High-Throughput Live Cell Imaging to Your Lab

Cellcyte Gen 2 offers the user the ability to image live cells in real-time from within the incubator.

From all of these images, the user can fully understand and review cell kinetic trends at any point in time with user-friendly analysis software.

A Familiar User Experience with Intuitive Controls

When we set out to develop the Cellcyte Gen 2 we took a look at existing live-cell analyzers and explored the pain points their customers had.

From there we learned that it was paramount to create a system with easy access to cells and intuitive software to make sure the user is always in control to successfully perform experiments as efficiently as possible. Cellcyte Gen 2 gives an experience that provides reliable, reproducible results.

We placed an emphasis on an open fanless design, eliminating vibration and hotspots, in order to guarantee the best conditions for viability and imaging.

Built for Successful Experiments

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Open Design

Easier maintenance and environmental control.

Real-Time Data Analysis

Follow live cell kinetics as they occur.

High Throughput

Runs up to 6 vessels at the same time.


Ability to multiplex experiment with Enhanced Contour imaging mode plus 3 FL channels.

High Data Output

Capture and store thousands of images for each experiment.

Simple Setup

Less cords, less problems. Sets up in minutes.

Ease of Use

Intuitive UI reduces learning curve and improves workflow.

Improved Cell Viability

Less disturbances during your experiment reducing cellular abnormality.

Key applications at your fingertips

Cellcyte Gen 2 allows the user to answer many questions about the cells that may arise during an experiment.

Gain a more comprehensive picture of cellular kinetics through performing key applications such as:

  • Confluence
  • Cell Counting
  • Apoptosis
  • Cytotoxicity
  • Transfection Efficiency
  • Reporter Genes
  • Spheroid Growth
  • Immune Cell Cluster Formations
Build & Price

Integrated Data Analysis and Graphic Tools

Cellcyte Gen 2’s software includes data analysis and graphing tools to help the user capture high-contrast images and immediate visualizations of data points.


Explore how our customers are using the Cellcyte Gen 2 (Formally CELLCYTE X™) for impactful research through our Publication Database.

Customers Include

Cellcyte Gen 2 Specifications

Objectives Olympus 4x, 10x, 20x Automated Turret with 3 Objectives
Camera 5MP CMOS Mono (2448 x 2048 pixels)
Fluorescence Channels 4 Channel or 3 Channel available Blue Green Red Cy5
Export Capabilities Image/Video: TIFF, PNG, AVI Data: CSV, XLXS

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