Upright, Inverted, Brightfield, Fluorescence

4-in-1 Cell Imaging Microscopes For Life Science Research


Powerful Research-Level Cell Imaging Microscope


Automated Live Cell Imaging Microscope

Slide to transform the microscope from Inverted to Upright

4-in-1 Cell Imaging Microscopes Your Entire Lab Will Use

Seamlessly shift between inverted and upright capabilities. Quickly combine and configure imaging modes to capture cellular events in the greatest detail.

Ideal for glass slides.

Transmitted Light

Brightfield, Darkfield, Phase Contrast, Polarized Light.


For live samples in dishes, wells, and flasks.


Automated LED illumination. One-touch image overlay.

The Microscopes Life Scientists Can't Stop Talking About

Cell Imaging Made Simple With Intuitive Software

Discover, capture, share, publish in seconds
Tap, pinch, zoom, draw, annotate. As easy as your phone.

Simple, powerful controls at your fingertips
No more manual turrets and levels. Drive cameras and illumination straight from the screen.

Eliminate learning curves
Our touch-based intuitive app gets your cell experiments going in no-time.

Collaborate in real-time
Science is a team sport. Review, analyze and consult together securely in the cloud.

Discover Revolve Discover Revolution

Capture, See and Understand Cells Like Never Before

Take a Test Drive
Live Cell Imaging

Capture live samples with automated time-lapse microscopy.


Acquire and stack images at multiple focal planes.

Stage Top Incubator

Ensure optimal conditions for maintaining specimen viability.

Hyperscan High-Speed Image Stitching

Stitch mosaic images to form large FOV high-resolution images.


Capture and overlay multiple wavelengths in fluorescence.


Set multiple acquisition points to view and revisit.

Study cellular behavior in real-time with automated Time-Lapse Microscopy

Continuously image your cells’ behavior to gain greater insight into their viability and behavior.

Revolution can automatically create time-lapse movies, so you can study what your cells do in real-time, with high-quality imaging capabilty.

World-Class Components Show Cells Like You've Never Seen Them Before

Observe cell cultures with unparalleled clarity through world-class optical components, viewed on an Ultra High-Resolution Display.*

* Revolve ships with Apple iPad Pro.
* Revolution ships with Microsoft Surface Studio.

High-Performance Objective Lenses.
Sputter-Coated Optical Filters.
High-Resolution LED Multi-Touch Display.

Crisp Cellular Images Ready For Scientific Publication

The combination of high-quality optics and image processing allows you to capture and export publication-ready images of your cells.

With ECHO’s innovative imaging technology, you get the best of both worlds with zero trade-offs: cellular details and the big picture in one. Ready to share with the world.

Easy-Install Stage Top Incubator for Live Cell Imaging

ECHO’s incubator is fanless, using convection to circulate warm air instead. This eliminates vibration and prevents outside dust from reaching samples and optics. The result is an optimal environment for live cell imaging experiments.

The incubator comes in a lightweight, single design piece that installs and removes quickly.

* Pairs with Revolution for time-lapse live cell experiments.

HYPERSCAN | High-Speed Cell Image Stitching

Hyperscan enables ultra-fast scanning and mosaic image stitching at high-speed camera frame rates in Brightfield and Fluorescence.

Revolution synchronizes brushless linear servo motors with camera triggering for high-speed continuous scanning.

Scan your entire samples in seconds, then revisit areas of interest.

High-Speed Predictive Focus Tracking
Fast, Seamless Tiling with real-time sharing correction
Fast, Quiet, Linear Shaft stage with 0.1 um encoders

Digital Cell Haze Reduction

Widefield fluorescence cell imaging can suffer haze particles from out-of-focus light.

ECHO’s proprietary Digital Haze Reduction (DHR) software suppresses noise and reduces blurr to reveal stunningly crisp cellular images.

Which Cell Imaging Microscope Is Right For Your Lab?

Fluorescence | Brightfield | Phase Contrast

Powerful, Advanced Research Level Microscope.

Automated | Fluorescence | Brightfield | Phase Contrast

Fully Automated, High Performance Imaging


Imaging Modes

Intelligent Nosepiece

Motorized Fluorescence



Base Price *
* Price does not include objectives and accessories. Build and Price your system in minutes
Upright | Inverted


6 Position

5 Channel

Z-Stack Available

Lite Automation

Upright | Inverted


6 Position

5 Channel

Z-Stack Included

Full Automation



Upright | Inverted Configuration
FL, BF, PH, DF, POL Imaging Modes
6 Position Intelligent Nosepiece
5 Channel Motorized Fluorescence
Z-Stack Available Z-Stack
Lite Automation Automation
$31448 Base Price *


Upright | Inverted Configuration
FL, BF, PH, DF, POL Imaging Modes
6 Position Intelligent Nosepiece
5 Channel Motorized Fluorescence
Z-Stack Included Z-Stack
Full Automation Automation
$76945 Base Price *

* Price does not include objectives and accessories. Build and Price your system in minutes

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  • Red Dot Design Award
  • Industrial and Life Science Design
  • Medical/Scientific Machinery
  • VWR Suppliers Award
  • Best New Supplier Award (2018)
  • Best Supplier Award (2019)
  • Best New Supplier Award EU (2020)

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Yes, we provide both virtual and in-person training for our customers. Additionally, every microscope is preloaded with our interactive iBooks manual. This is a great training tool for new lab members or as an easy refresher for existing users.

We have microscopy specialists globally available for technical questions, product demonstrations, and support. Please contact or chat us so we can help.

Yes, we offer both virtual and onsite product demonstrations of our microscopes. We follow CDC guidelines for masking and social distancing during our in-person demos. Please schedule a demo to schedule a demo for your lab.

Upright microscopes are only capable of viewing glass slides. Inverted microscopes are optimized to view live and fixed samples in well plates, dishes, and flasks. Our microscopes’ ability to easily convert from an upright to an inverted means that your microscope can be optimized for each sample.

Our microscopes are optimized to view samples and cells prepared on slides, well plates, petri dishes, flasks, and hemocytometers.

We work with Chroma Technologies and offer all the standard filters sets from UV to Cy7. We can also provide custom filter sets to fit your specific applications. Please contact or chat us.

We offer a 1-year warranty. We also offer extended warranty packages.

Software updates are free and easily installed through the App Store.

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We offer a full solution ideal for keeping your sample healthy over a long period of time. Specifically we control temperature, CO2, humidity, and can accommodate hypoxia conditions.

Yes you can easily take the incubation box off the microscope. The entire box is one piece and slides out from the front.

Yes, our incubator is box style which keeps all the optical components in the same thermal conditions and shields the system from the outside environment. We also offer autofocus which will find the focus of your samples for your desired channel and hold that over time.

Our incubation is offered on the Revolution microscope.

Yes, you can easily add full incubation to your Revolution microscope after it is installed.

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